Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah Subhanahuwataala because with His permission this website was successfully launched. Congratulations to the ILP Kangar website team for their excellent efforts in preparing this new website. There is no denying that a website plays an important role for an organization. Therefore, a website must have sufficient information to meet the needs of internet surfers. Apart from that, the website also needs to be user-friendly and presented as attractively as possible to attract the attention of readers. Realizing this fact, the new ILP Kangar website was designed to meet those criteria. Hope the surfers of the ILP Kangar website get all the necessary information here. We also welcome your comments on this website for the purpose of improvement.


Finally, I hope the information provided will be able to enrich your knowledge about ILP Kangar.

Welcome to this website.

Mohd Yusri bin Mohd Rahim

Kangar ILP Director